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Guest Report

Posted: Tue May 09, 2017 9:21 pm
by Priya
Long overdue, but still etched in my memory and have not forgotten my experience here. Let me just say, I am one who is very hard to please (my husband's but my visit to this villa has been an amazing one, meeting and exceeding all my expectations!! Planning a trip with a tight budget was everyone's dilemma. I stumbled onto this place some time ago, and finally decided to contact the owner to see if she would accommodate us. Maggie is just wonderful! From little chats we've shared, though a bit out-of-reach she has made herself very present by her timely response to emails, and when she couldn’t get here herself, she sent Janelle. Maggie is very kind and understanding and was very accommodating to our specific needs, that too in a very timely manner. Im convinced that not many people are like her! We rented the entire villa for our four-night stay. We were simply seeking a simple place to stay, one that accommodated our budget, but staying here was the best decision we made and more than we had bargained for. Everyone was more than pleased. The amenities were on point, well maintained, beautifully furnished home, clean and spacious bedrooms (each with its own bathroom) and living rooms, fully equipped kitchens (thank God, because we are huge fans of FOOD and we were able to pack light.) Each floor had its separate washer/dryer facilities, which was great cause we able to avoid huge piles of wet clothes after returning from the beach, and having to take these heavy wet clothes back home with us. The conveniences were on point. The decking, patio, and pool, great for 'night limes' hanging out together. My favorite was the jacuzzi and how lucky we were; this home has two! The kids enjoyed this the most! There was sufficient parking available as well. And OMG, though it's a garden view, it was like no other. Acres and acres of beautifully up-kept golf course and huge shady trees. Taking a stroll in the evening, about a minute's walk away, we stumbled onto mini pier into the ocean, this was a great surprise and bonus for us. The only downside to this villa is the 10 minute drive in and out of Tobago Plantations, but the view is spectacular! and 3 minutes away from Magdalena Hotel. All in all, one of the best vacations I've been on, this home was a bonus. I am extremely pleased and most definitely will be back as I plan to make this home my home-away-from-away every time I visit beautiful Tobago!!

Thank you Maggie! Your home is my holiday!