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1 or 2-bedroom wooden cottage at Parlatuvier (listing)
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Jecca Barry

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We arrived at Gloucester Place late in the evening, having rented a car and navigated our way (driving on the left side of the road with immense caution) through the island in the dark. Not an easy drive in the dark. To say we arrived feeling somewhat fragile would be an understatement. But Bea and Win, the incredible, gracious owners of Gloucester Place greeted us with beers and food and open arms. We stayed the first two nights in the main house of the B&B, our room was spacious and airy, as is the whole house. One of the best features of the house is the amazing balcony, that juts out over the hillside and overlooks the infinity pool and and the ocean below. The house itself is open and lovely.

After the first two nights, we moved into the cabin, 20 yards up the driveway away from the main house. This was the best bit of our stay. We loved the self sufficiency of the full, open kitchen, the wall of windows that opens onto a beautiful hillside covered with trees & flowers. And the cabin itself is simple, spacious, open-plan and elegant. Off the kitchen is a porch where we spent hours lounging, watching local birds come and go from the feeders hanging above. A bonus was Wonder, Bea & Win's dog, who befriended us and would come up every now again to check up on us and hang out. Don't be turned off by his initial barking. He's a lovely, sweet (and intelligent) dog.

The place down the street is a local bar/dance place with an irregular, strange schedule of being open/closed. But if you're looking for a close restaurant meal or bar, that's the place to go and Bea & Win know the owner.

If you want to explore the island or go into town for a meal, having a car is essential. But we found that relatively inexpensive and there is parking at Gloucester Place. We were looking for somewhere off the beaten path with a feeling of both remoteness and self-sufficiency and Gloucester Place definitely ticked those boxes.

The locals at every place we went to were warm. We never felt out of place.

The island is lovely, the diving was great, but the real gem (and the reason we would go back), is for Bea, Win (& Wonder!) and the great home they have created in Gloucester Place.

Jay & Jecca

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