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1 or 2-bedroom wooden cottage at Parlatuvier (listing)
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Rute Teixeira

Guest Report

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Thank you Bea and Win for the amazing hosts you were and a wonderful stay and experience in Tobago.
Essex Cottage couldn't be situated in a better place, the surroundings are beautiful, it's almost part of the green area around it. A very quiet place only to be "disturbed" by the lovely sounds of thousands of beautiful colourful birds that come to greet you and beg some crumbs.
The cottage has everything you need for self catering and you find in the near local shops all the basics you need.
Very comfortable with nice clean sheets to sleep in, were you really find rest and get rid of all the stress and tiredness you're trying to rid off!
Plenty of bath and beach towels provided and washed throughout your stay, just bring them down to Bea and you'll get them back before the day ends.
The infinity pool is gives you the VIP treatment you deserve and the views from there are breathtaking
Hoping to return again some day, because I can't erase those paradise memories off my head!

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