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3 apartments in Charlotteville (listing)
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Goly Caspiano

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I searched really hard to find something in a "real" village, not too touristy. charlotteville on Tobago Island fit our taste and needs perfectly. I wanted a self catering apartment, with ocean view, and something simple, not too fancy, but clean and functional, at a good value. "Ocean view apartments" fit all of my criteria.

If you want something fancy you can stay at Spey side, but it is more windy and choppy over there.

In Charlotteville the water is calmer and has pretty good swimming. We bought fresh fish twice and cooked it. and the rest of the time we went out to eat. snorkeling at pirate's bay was nice, so was swimming.
You would need a car to drive to Charlotteville. The apartment is up on a hill, but not too strenuous. we walked down into town daily and left our car at home.not far, very doable. We drove only for distances and bird watching trips.
Make sure you fill up your car with all the groceries you need before you drive to this village.

The person I rented from, I never saw. his father greeted us and gave us a key. he was cordial. the man I worked with via internet, wanted the deposit via western union. I was a little weary of sending cash, but decided to take a chance on it, It worked out, but communication trailed off quickly as soon as i sent the money, and I must admit I was hesitant weather we would really have an apartment when we got there. but it was just fine, and we liked our stay. the father brought us a fan and a light. that was nice.
They have a website but I don't think they pay this site for direct communication.
there were several others I had checked out on this website as second and third choice, and they would have worked out.
top river was very good at communicating, and the we talked to several people who were staying there and they liked it. the only complain they had was lack of house keeping. but we didn't stay there. the other one I had considered was Acaju, and i am glad i didn't stay there, it was out of the way and would not have met my needs.
I enjoyed using this website, very informative. thank you.

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