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Guest Report

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Having stayed at several other guest houses on the island on my birth, I and my boyfriend were VERY pleasantly surprised at the quality of Sullivan's Court! The owners thought of almost every thing to make comfort a prioity.

It is spacious and very very clean, well apointed and most importantly - quiet. No cars whizzing by all day/ night or loud music or planes. Outside lends itself to serenity as well, with its clean pool( that does not have a chemical-like scent) and natural surroundings, though the grounds is in transition, but it can only get better.

While we had no problem with its location - which is relatively close to supermarkets, restaurants and a main road, it is a cool walk of about several minutes. Nevertheless, I always recommend renting a car in Tobago.

For the price and quality, I would not hestitate to return.
My only regret was when I had to leave Sullivan's Court and my beautiful island of Tobago once more.

I hope this standard remains and guests respect the efforts put out by the owners for the convenience and comfort.

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