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4 apartments in Castara (listing)
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Thomas Hutegger

Guest Report

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We stayed in the top floor apartment. The kitchen is well equipped - although, we didn't cook much - too many good restaurants around. :) The apartment is also nicely furnished - the bed is very comfortable, and the Mosquito-Netting worked wonderfully - even though there were hardly any mosquitoes anyhow. We slept with the windows wide open, and the nice evening breeze was just perfect after a hot day...

When we first got there, my wife was scared by how many steps we would need to take to get to the top-floor from the beach - however, it turned out to be not such a big deal after all. I am not really athletic nor a sportive guy, but I could run the stairs up in one set with no problem.

In the night, we heard birds and frogs, chicken and all kinds of other wonderful nature-sounds. And of course the waves breaking on the beach - it was like heaven!

The front-porch is over-looking the bay, and we spend most evening just relaxing in the comfortable wicker-chairs, with a glass of juice, or a shandy - just soaking in the paradise! :)

I can only recommend this apartment: affordable, beautiful location, wonderful views, 50m to the beach...


PS: One of the neighbors is leaving an outside light on all night. So next time I'll bring a sleeping mask. That way I can leave the curtains open and really feel like I'm sleeping within a totally natural environment. :)

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