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4 apartments in Castara (listing)
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Béatrice, Mathias Royce

Guest Report

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Long overdue report (apologies Tom and Liz...)
We have been greeted on the balcony of our appartment in Castara by the lovely Tom and Liz with an ice cold beer and a lovely welcoming chat after quite a tedious trip : what a view!
Very promising indeed: the appartment is quite roomy (big living room/ kitchen)and airy. There was no air-conditionning but felt there wasn't any need for it as our room was top floor and quite breezy (we did have 2 fans, though and they came in handy at night). It is rustic and charming in its decoration but it fits the atmosphere of castara quite well. The kitchen is perfectly equipped and will have you cooking with ease unlike some of the accomodation with so-called kitchens I have stayed in in the past... It is perfectly located in Castara: you are overlooking the little beach (Castara has 2), quite high up and the view in the morning especially (with the fog) is quite stunning. It is very quiet, the locals are very friendly and all feels very safe: after a couple of days, it feels like you are part of the community. I should really mention that we were top floor in Lilibet's so bear in mind that you will have to face the mighty stairs that lead to the house and to our floor ( Castara is after all very hilly)
and that you should be good on your legs if you are planning to be in and out of the house all the time.
All in all, we had a lovely stay. This place is very good value for money and will leave you feeling like you have been part of the real Tobago for a while.

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