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4 apartments in Castara (listing)
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Ulrike Koenigs

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One month ago my husband and I returned from our second trip to Castara. We stayed at " Lilibets "for three weeks.
The appartment was plain but we had everything we needed.
Every day it was a sportive practice to walk up and down all the steps but in exchange you get the amazing view from the generous balcony.
Looking to both beautiful beaches and the green hills with the wonderful nature ,was a daily pleasure !You can look to the fishermen how they put their nets into the sea and pull them out later.Different birds visited us and even the Motmot was there.
For us there were only two little negative things.
It would be good to change the mattress and the open shower in the bathroom is not the best solution.
Nevertheless I can recommend " Lilibets "to everybody who want
to have a very relaxed vacation ,with the best view,in the very friendly village of Castara.
Certainly we`ll be back soon.

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