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Linda Levy

Guest Report

Post by Linda Levy »

The owners of Lilibets are a very nice couple who made us feel welcome. Unfortunately, the first night of our stay the hot water went out, and subsequently we were unable to use the water at all. As a result, we had to move to other accommodation, which the owners of Lilibets paid for, since we had prepaid for our three nights.
I would recommend this place to others, but request an upper room (despite the extra stairs) for the best views.
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Re: Guest Report

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Water water every where comes to mind when in Tobago thanks to WASA.Hot water heater and the water pump went out. Not a total loss more intermitant!! Cold water was returned later that day and after having to return one new heater the second one worked hot water was on the next day. Some guests stayed others went so the least we could do was pay up for those who went.

Thanks for comments Tom and Liz
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