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Guest Report

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:39 pm
by Erik Larsson
Positive: The nature.

Negative: The security risks were not under control. The security patrols did not occur as promised. Two other villas in the area were attacked during our stay. Both the security guy and the house owner got information about the robbery but did not inform us. A sometimes noisy road work beside the house was promised to be finalized before our arrival, but it was still ongoing when we left. In total, not relaxing enough to make us stay all the days we payed for.

Re: Guest Report

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2009 2:01 pm
by Dr Stefan Rustscheff
Dear Erik, I am sorry to hear that You felt insecure in the area over Englishman´s bay. Did You say two villas were attacked during Your stay in Your vicinity? Do You know more about that? I myself have rented both Parrot estate and Tanager ridge before.
Kind rgds
Dr Stefan Rustscheff

Re: Guest Report

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2009 8:37 pm
by Pete and Jane Larkin
As the owners of Lookout Villa, we were very disappointed that Erik and his family felt they were unable to enjoy all of their stay.
When one is a long way from home, and doesn't feel confident within the surroundings, it does not make for a happy time, but we felt that we had to reply to this review and put our side of the story.
Erik has 2 areas of concern - the building work and the security.
We contacted Erik a few weeks prior to his stay, to advise him that the road was in poor condition because of the rains, and that there was building work underway (retaining walls as a result of a series of landslides) and offered him a full refund at that point if he wished. He elected to go and check out the house and the environment, and, after viewing the property, decided it was OK. The builder assures us that he was not there during Erik's stay (apart from 1 half day), and so we are assuming that the building noise came from a house being built across the valley. This is completely beyond our control, and in fact is not especially noisy. The work to the walls was delayed by the heavy rains which Tobago has suffered during the "dry" season, and this is why work was not as far on as we had hoped, although Erik knew it was not going to be complete by his arrival.
Erik also asked us specifically about crime in the area, before he made his final booking. We informed him of the last issue in the area (4 years ago), and gave him details of the security patrols, and advised him that telephone numbers were in the phone which we provide, as well as in the Lookout information booklet. It is very sad that there were 2 houses burgled about a mile away, but the Lookout was not affected. One of the houses was not a participant in the security cooperative which most of the owners in the area pay into. The occupants of the other house elected to stay on, but requested that the security patrols stay at their house as a "night watchman" and run their patrols from there. We suspect that is why Erik did not think that the patrols were sufficient.
We heard there had been an incident in the area about 3 days after the event, but it took about another 24 hours before we could get meaningful information about the burglaries. Clearly, for those poor people involved, it must have been very distressing, but it was a long way from our house. Erik decided to leave without contacting either us or the caretaker. We were therefore not in a position to make any additional security arrangements to allow him to feel confident for the rest of his stay.
We returned from The Lookout yesterday, having spent 10 days there with the same security arrangements as Erik had, and felt comfortable and safe there. We are saddened that Erik's stay was blighted by the fear of crime, and we do understand the isolation might make for an uncomfortable time if one is not confident. Therefore, whilst we were over, we were able to make contact with a local man who would be prepared to act as a night watchman. This is a facility which we will, henceforth, offer to guests staying at the Lookout.
Pete and Jane