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Coco Motion - highly recommended

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:29 pm
by Graham B
We've just come back from our 2nd Tobago trip this year, (and 5th overall).

The holiday was planned to be a relaxing break before Christmas with some scuba and snorkelling.

While we were there, we chartered Coco Motion ( for a day's trip up the west of Tobago (as far as Charlotteville). The review in the "Out & About" section on here was written some years ago (2005) but it all remains true - unusual in a place where standards can slip over time.

Marlon and Rachel have invested heavily in their boat, including new paint this year, and it remains the best boat experience on Tobago. It's nice to have someone who is local on board who knows and loves his island and who is an excellent boatman putting safety and comfort first.

We look forward to going out on Coco Motion again on our next visit.