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Post by Paul Tallet » Sat Jan 04, 2014 10:49 pm

What a wonderful day.

Brian has the only boat in Tobago with cushions so your seating area doesn't hurt after a hard day of bouncing around in the sea.

He also has 2 engines that purr as he cuts through the swells and you get from A to C with B being a passing thought.

Brian also looks real cool in his sunglasses but I cannot understand why he takes them off when the sun shines

And ... with my good friend, Duck ... you have 2 of the most experienced sea-farers in Tobago to look after you.

If you visit Castara, please go on this trip, if you are short on experience with snorkelling, Brian will help you. If you have a drinking problem, Duck will help you!!

2 of the nicest guys ... thank you both for a lovely day.

Paul Tallet
Public Relations Consultant for Mother Nature

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