Peter Williams - a warning

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Peter Williams - a warning

Post by Steve Wooler » Fri Feb 13, 2009 11:46 am

May I please urge all visitors to Tobago to keep a careful watch for, and avoid, a tour guide by the name of Peter Williams.

This man can often be seen wandering around the popular areas of Crown Point and the lower-Caribbean beaches. He is very noticeable because he dresses in full rainforest bird-watching tour gear clothing and has a somewhat ostentatious way of standing on the busy pavement (side walk) appearing to be studying birds in adjacent trees with his binoculars.

This man can become very aggressive when rebuffed and information leads us to believe that his knowledge and experience is sketchy to say the least.

It is also alleged that Peter Williams regularly tries to pass himself off as being other well-known Tobago tour guides, or claims association with the best-known local guides. I recently heard, for example, that he claims to “share an office” with one of Tobago’s best-known and expert nature tour operators, Peter Cox. We believe that Williams has regularly tried to cash in on Peter Cox’s excellent reputation, helped by the fact that they share the same first name. I am assured that there is absolutely NO connection or association between Peter Cox and Williams. We know of a number of cases where Williams has been very abusive and aggressive towards visitors on Turtle Beach, claiming to be Peter Cox.

Although it is common for the boat-excursion operators to solicit business along the beaches, NO reputable bird-watching, nature or island tour guide or tour operator hangs around the streets or beaches touting for business. Visitors are strongly advised to take heed and politely rebuff the approaches of ANYONE who approaches them in this way. Williams can become very aggressive if rebuffed, so we strongly advise against getting into conversation with him – a polite “no thank you” as soon as he approaches will hopefully be enough to avoid a scene.

Further posts and advice about Peter Williams can be found in a thread/topic further down this forum (
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