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4-bedroom villa at Arnos Vale (listing)
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Amy-Jo Forsyth

Guest Report

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Kapinjala is an extremely relaxing hideaway for peace and rejuvanation, but with plenty of beautiful beaches and traditional eateries nearby.
I found the views breath taking. Kapinjala is surrounded by rainforest, beaches, an abundance of wildlife and trinidad visible in the background - rather alot to take in and I spent much time appreciating this from every balcony, every corner of the villa.
The enveloping natural habitat created its own music; bird song, crickets, noise of the ocean. I didnt play music once whilst at the villa, as these melodies were more than sufficient to wile away the day to.
Of an evening the fireflies lit up the darkness, and we spent much time floating by the edge of the infinity pool (drink in hand!) taking in this wonderful spectacle.
The facilities, furnishings and finish of Kapinjala were just fantastic. A great place for a couple or groups - clean, cosy, comfortable but modern.

Everything I hoped it would be. Everything it states it is.

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