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4-bedroom villa at Arnos Vale (listing)
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Maureen Bingham

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Our group of three couples, two adult daughters and one small child thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Kapinjala. Marlon and his crew of merry men met us and our copious luggage (wedding gifts, household items, and a bicycle for the groom) at the airport Saturday evening and transported us to Kapinjala - what a site! We couldn't see the water at that time of night but could hear the surf from the fabulous deck. A fabulous meal was waiting for us thanks to Sonia who had taken great pains to ensure there was no MSG in anything as we had one person terribly allergic to it in our party.

During our visit we got pretty good and climbing back up from the beach - a good workout for the quads. We also had family and friends staying at Soleil - just two steep hills away so earned every holiday calorie.

Each spacious bedroom has its own bathroom and balcony so there was private space anytime anyone needed it. My husband and I stayed in the downstairs room. It was great - and now has hanging space which was added in the bathroom so we had lots of room for our clothes.

A rental car is essential. Nothing looks far on a map but a map really doesn't show the hills and curves and really narrow roads. Getting to Plymouth or any other community is not really pedestrian friendly. We did go for a walk along the Mot Mot trail and it is great.

Kapinjala is well secured - but only if you follow the rules and keep the gates locked at all times. You are also advised to lock the house doors and grates at night and when away. It is a bit of a pain but we certainly never had any incidents.

We did experience a couple of nearby bush fires during our visit - apparently common in the area in the dry season. Generally once they get to the valley they stop as things are greener there. This year was particularly dry so they got a bit closer. Marlon called the fire department and made sure we were safe and then had the pool staff and housekeeper there the next day to clean up the ash and soot.

If you arrive on a Saturday - be aware that there is very little open on a Sunday in the way of grocery stores or restaurants.

We would book Kapinjala again if we had enough people going at the same time - and we will certainly go back to Tobago.

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