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4-bedroom villa at Arnos Vale (listing)
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Mike & Katie Runicles

Guest Report

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My daughter and I booked late to join friends staying at Kapinjala, so so glad we did.
Our first sunrise, revealed the beauty of Kapinjala perched on the hilltop, nestled into the tropical rainforest and with the green and turquoise waters below. All this accompanied by exotic birdsong and distant breaking waves which cascade up through the palm trees. These views and sounds are seemingly untarnished, with virtually no background noise, no busy roads all of which add to the sense of tranquility.
During our short trip, we explored much of the surrounding coastline - snorkelling in Arnos Vale and Emerald Bay, swimming in Englishman's bay, Pigeon Point and body surfing the breaking waves in Cotton Bay. Despite the Easter weekend no queues, no crowds just a few others who share in this paradise. I understand Tobago has prevented development around and on top of its beaches, which ensures the Island is best seen from the sea - we would join the other comments, the "Cocomotion" day was probably our best day out EVER!
The other place to view this island is Kapinjala's wonderous infinity pool, everything about the Villa met our needs perfectly but the pool and surrounding terraces / balconies make the place very special.

Other highlights included the Goat racing at Bucco, dining at Seahorse, and Marlon also found us some great lobster on our final night.

Our only sadness, departing after only 7 days - but my wife and I are planning a longer visit next year.

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