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Guest Report

Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:49 pm
by Howard Eldridge
We happened upon Kurt and Ivy quite by chance, having left Man o' War Bay Cottages and Charlotteville very disillusioned with Tobago.

We were meant to be staying somewhere else, but on arrival at about 6.30 pm were told that the previous tenants, who were meant to leave, had asked to stay on and so they had found us alternative accomodation. As we had spent the best part of a day trying to find any vacancies we were filled with trepidation and cannot express our delight at staying at Baywatch Inn - really just rooms in their house but it was great.

Double bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom all very clean, the best shower you will ever come across, a minute from the beach and a feeling that you are part of the village. Kurt is a policeman and Ivy a nurse, so every one knows and respects them and welcomed their guests.

We had chosen Tobago in the hope of some excellent snorkelling and were pretty disappointed - weather had been unsettled so the sea was very murky, but also reefs were not as good as I had hoped, so was very happy that the RH end of Castara beach provided the cleanest water and best hard and soft corals that we found along with a great selection of fish. Also the cafe/bar/restaurant on the beach (with the snooker hall) provided the best food (barbecued fish or barbecued fish) and prettiest setting, sitting up with the palm trees. That's what I wanted from Tobago - fantastic.