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Guest Report

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:48 am
by Ivan Harrup
This is a one bedroom studio annexed to Kurt and Ivy’s house. Kurt and Ivy are excellent hosts – Kurt picked us up from the airport, arranged a car, sorted another one out when it broke down whilst Ivy multitasks by being a fine laundress. The flat is well maintained and scrupulously clean. Some of the strengths of Bayview only became apparent when we moved for our second Castara week to Little Bay. These are 1. It is 40m from the beach and is at sea-level (you have to be careful with Castara apartment descriptions – 100m from beach might well mean vertically) is in the centre of village activity (restaurants, shops, ATM, bus) although it is a very quiet village. 3. Kurt is an amazing gardener and it was a pity it was so wet we could scarcely use the sun beds 4. It has hot water 5. It has A/C. I always try to give ideas as to how to improve the holiday experience. The strengths of Bayview far outweigh the weaknesses but - - a. we spent many happy hours under Kurt’s car-port watching the torrential rain. The very comfortable chairs would be helped by the addition of a coffee table b. we had a problem with the amount of sugar used particularly in bread. This was solved in week 2 by buying 3-4 loaves from the ladies at the clay oven and freezing the surplus ( the bread is a thousand times better than the cloying, poisonous junk in the shops). So the suggestion would be to replace the relatively small fridge with a fridge-freezer (big fridge small freezer) c. Our days ran from about 5am (cocks cock-a-doodling all over the village) to about 9.30 pm. The village has no night life so a TV with perhaps BBC World and CNN would help. The village has its idyllic, scarcely used beach. The problem for me was the sand flies which bite more ferociously than any mosquito. I would hope the village could eradicate them – my suggestion would be to take a 4x4 dragging a harrow across the beach to bring the critters to the surface and have a person with an electric wand set to kill insects, but not crabs, walking behind. Overall an easy base to relax and enjoy a rare and beautiful place.