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3-bedroom villa on Mount Irvine (listing)
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J-C Diaz

Guest Report

Post by J-C Diaz » Thu May 07, 2009 1:54 pm

Mahogany is indeed beautiful, set in idyllic gardens. The house is well appointed with large airy rooms. Everything sounds ideal doesn't it? But.....nothing worked! The aircondition units were in need of service, the dishwasher was not working, the jacuzzi shut down frequently. The stove had only 2 burners working and the oven sooted up.
We asked the housekeeper as to how much she charges to cook a meal, to which she replied TT$150.00.Not bad at all we thought. She took 3 hours to prepare and cook the meal. Which I found really strange! We found out why afterwards!....It was 150.00 per hour! and the food was horrible, not worth it.
Mahogany has great potential , if not for these glitches it would have been great! The property Manager addressed all our concerns with prompt action and reimbursed us something for our inconvience. I heard recently that there were new owners. I hope it has improved. I will still recommend it,

Peter Westbury
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Re: Guest Report

Post by Peter Westbury » Mon May 18, 2009 2:13 pm

Hi J-C Diaz,

May I please respond to the point you make regarding your stay in “Mahogany” last year:-

1. The air conditioning units have always been serviced on a regular basis and have given no problems recently, though being machinery, they can still fail at the most inopportune moments and usually do. The Master Bedroom unit was replaced very recently, it not being up to our standard.

2. The dishwasher works just fine at the moment but I do not recall what was wrong 14 months ago – sorry about that! I hope it was fixed in short order.

3. The Jacuzzi has not been out of commission for over a year and then it was just for just 36 hours when the main filter split due to someone changing the valve settings. If that was in your time, again, apologies – we have always kept spare pumps and blowers for immediate use but the filter is very expansive and very rarely fails.

4. Our cooker is electric and therefore cannot “soot up”. However I recall our (then) housekeeper had cleaned the elements and not replaced them properly. I personally corrected that as soon as I heard of the problem and all was well immediately. All four top rings were replaced recently as the old ones were, again, not up to our standard.

5. Our housekeeper charges $150 for the evening meal, not per hour – our policy - plus $50 if a taxi is needed to take her home late in the evening. I am sorry if you were overcharged, contrary to the visitor’s guide to Mahogany, and then that you found the food not good. Otherwise, to date, we have had nothing but compliments about her cooking but it does lean towards “local”, not to everyone’s taste.

Whatever, thank you Diaz for the recommendations: Mahogany (Villa 1) and Villas on the Green are great for a relaxing holiday and Mahogany especially for well located for weddings. Should you ever consider staying again in Tobago we will be pleased to offer you favourable terms by way of a discount; just mention the forum to Liz and we’ll see what we can do for you and your party!

Owner of Mahogany (Villa 1)

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