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3-bedroom villa on Mount Irvine (listing)
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Sterlin Dyer

Guest Report

Post by Sterlin Dyer » Mon May 23, 2011 12:29 am

Firstly i would like to say the villa was noting short of beautiful and what we had seen online could not capture the beauty of this place. The rooms were welcoming making it easy for us to loose ourselves in the moment.
My wife and I kept our wedding at this location and was happy that we did. We had fun and really enjoy our stay here, even our guest who stayed at the villa are presently making plans to spend there special time here.
As for the management of the villa, they were warm and welcoming,and did not hesitate in helping us to make our day a memorable one.
We as a couple mark this place as one of the places we must visit again,to relax, spend a quiet weekend or just a getaway trip.
We look forward in doing it again.

Thank you Liz for everything,love Mr & Miss Dyer

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