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A large group of condos and villas on Tobago Plantations
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Dianne f

Guest Report

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To say I was neutrally satisfied is somewhat unfair since I had high expectations of facility my family stayed at in Tobago Plantations. Generally our high expectations were met.

The main advantages of the facilty for us were the security and the general peaceful settings.

We felt the driveway could be better lit and we were squemish about the several creatures crawling into the apartment, especially at nighttime. Eww!

The pool was inviting and very convenient; however seeing those crawling critters in there in the daylight was a big turn off.

The so-called nearby beach advertised was also misleading, since the beach was too rough for bathing. I don't know if it would be different at other times in the year. However, since there are so many other beaches close by, that was not a major disappointment for us.

Definitely worth a repeat visit!

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