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135 room luxury 4* beachside resort at Crown Point (listing)
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Mike Blasko

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Coco Reef has a unique charm and utility that I doubt can be beat on the island. Just a few steps from the airport and in the center of many of the island's chief attractions, it really does make the trip planning much easier. After considering many options from villas to other resorts, we settled on this choice.

I do sadly say "settled," as this resort has fallen slightly out of fashion. While the service, location and beaches were what we were there for, there were many things that were just tired and in need of major overhaul.

A quick list for flavor:

*Burnt out lamps making the room actually dark.
*Clean, but "stained," bathroom walls and floor.
*Towels as reviewed are horrendous and unavailable.
*Sheets and bed were out of date.

....but would I stay there again. Yes. Likely. It's a weird conundrum and they have the market of "get off a plane and turn off your brain," completely cornered. This is probably why you will see the most tourists from outside the Caribbean here. It's an easy and comfort driven choice for a lot of people.

Sure, there are nicer villas, decidedly nicer pools, but is that why you came to tobago?

No. My guess is that this place knows that and if there is no reason to upgrade the accommodations, why bother ? It was full when we were there in the off season.

In short. It's 3 stars because of the outrageous price. This hotel is worth $150 in the off season and MAYBE $200 on. If I paid that much, this would be 5 stars. Until they renovate it, you will feel satisfied, but overpaid for your relative luxury.

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