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135 room luxury 4* beachside resort at Crown Point (listing)
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Indy Samaroo

Guest Report

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I stayed here with my parents for 4 days and it was perhaps one of the best vacations I've had in quite some time.
On arrival we were greeted by one the managers on site and were taken to a room after a brief tour of the compound facilities. The staff was cordial and pleasant - extremely well-mannered and willing to assist with whatever you needed.
The food was a bit pricey but the prices at the Cafe Coco restaurant -also owned by Coco Reef; appoximately five minutes away- proved to be more reasonable.
The guests were also a pleasure to be around; they weren't loud and rude.
One thing I like in particular about the resort is the versatility of it. The activities available make it enjoyable for a family, couples, or even for one person who wishes to simply relax and escape their daily duties.

All in all the little vacation was much higher than my preconceived notions and a definite welcome. I will surely return there.

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