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135 room luxury 4* beachside resort at Crown Point (listing)
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Guest Report

Post by Maureen »

Cats everywhere!!
They strolled about the dining room as if they were home (they probably were)!
When I complained to the waitress she said that the tourists like to feed them. This obviously meant screw those who did not. The best part of the stay was the petal decoration on your bed as you arrive and on the day you leave. The food was mediocre and with small portions and you could wait for an hour before getting anything to eat.

Ian Gordon
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Re: Guest Report

Post by Ian Gordon »

This report seemed to be at odds with how I remembered the resort and I was initially going to post a reply before coming to Coco Reef for our third holiday. I am here at the moment and can confirm that the food is great and I really cannot understand the remarks of mediocre small portions. As for the cats, there are some which appear at one corner of the beach buffet at lunchtime and yes, guests do feed them with scraps. However, the impression that the dining areas are over-run with cats is just not the case. I will post a guest report on our return but feel that people should not be put-off with the negative aspects of Maureen's guest report.

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