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Guest Report

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 8:39 am
by Ian Gordon
This was our fourth holiday at Coco Reef. Instead of our usual Virgin holiday package, we reduced costs considerably by booking through ‘Tropical Sky’ who use Monarch airlines. It was still possible to save on the overall cost despite upgrading to Monarch Premium (recommended) and a Deluxe Oceanview room.
The disadvantage of the outbound Monarch flight is that it is via Grenada which therefore adds to the travel time. You do not change planes – it’s just an intermediate stop for approx 1 hour. Otherwise, I was impressed with the Monarch flights and would have no qualms using them again.

The Coco Reef is still a great place to holiday. Many of the staff were new from our previous visits, but they were friendly and efficient. Beach service to the smaller section of beach at Pelican Point was not as frequent as I remembered, but that may have been due to the occupancy of the hotel which was considerably less than on our previous holidays. Beach loungers and parasols were therefore always available at any time of the day, which meant there was no problem finding somewhere to relax. Unfortunately, some of the guests were either quite rowdy with noisy children or - in my view - out of place on a beach, which is obviously something the hotel can do little about. You cannot choose who happens to be there at the same time! The hotel also hosted the TT Prime Minister and associated ministers / security for a few days which caused some disruption at meal times due to their numbers. At buffet, they would have given a swarm of locusts a run for their money! Food was generally very good and the restaurant service was always prompt and friendly. The weather was also good at the start of the dry season / tail end of the rainy season.

I have often read that returning guests are treated favourably and yes, the management do make an effort in that respect. So if this is going to be your first time there, you will just have to make it your first of many! Would we return to Coco Reef? A definite ‘Yes’