Rest...Relaxation...that has exotic appeal

A 3-bedroom condominium in the Black Rock Dreams building (listing)
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Rest...Relaxation...that has exotic appeal

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We stayed in Flamboyant Suite in January 2010. Our stay was delightful, rewarding and very relaxed. The suite quite lovely! The views are breathtaking and I couldn't have enjoyed the varanda anymore. Tobago is a place to escape to but if you enjoy exploring and learning as we all did, I encourage an exploration to the interior of the island. It was fascinating as we leanred about the local culture, the history and the natural environ. I always enjoyed coming back to our suite after a fun and interesting day. We cooked quite a bit in our suite. The kitchen is equipped with everthing from pots, pans to blender and dishwasher. The Pina Colada's that I made became a family favorite early on. Just up the road a bit there is a nice grocer, they appeared to carry a nice variety of gourmet items that enhanced our offerings on the table. We shopped locally at several fresh fish stands, we bought red snapper, parrot fish, mahi mahi just minutes out of the sea. I have never tasted anything so delicate!

Just outside the door fresh plantaine, banana, coconuts hang from the trees. We ate out for dinner only a couple of nights just for conveinence. We attended Sunday School at Buccoo every Sunday we were in Tobago and I felt sad to say goodbye, our last night there. We had BBQ chicken, potatoe pie, macoroni pie, slaw, salad at several different stands at Sunday School...everything was delicious. The presentation...artful! The people...loving, geniune and warm. If you love to dance, enjoy local culture, music..this is a MUST do! Just be careful where you you can get pinned in drives bceause this is a well attended local street party! Wear comfortable shoes...and for goodness sakes..get up and DANCE!

I can literally go on and on...just remeber to respect people and you will have a grande time! Flamboyant Suite is lucky to have Chris...young man who lives on the premises. He was sincere, helpful and always a pleasure to talk with as we came and went. We were a bit overzealous whn it came to security and he was tolerant of any concern we had.

The Flamboyant Suite has a lovely sea facing view. As early as possible we would open ALL of the sliding glass doors to welcome in the fresh sea aire. It felt as if we were on the beautiful aquamarine Caribbean waters! If you enjoying watching the chickadee's, make sure to put a small piece of fresh bread in the bird feeder and add jsut a touch of the sugar cane. The birds...just go crazy for it!

We walked the beach at BlackRock, daily. It is a beautiful and quiet beach. If you want more in terms of water sports, a fun day in the sun with locals, tourists and activities..head down to Pigeon Point. There you will find a rather nice bar/restaurant on the beach...cover up if you go inside the restaurant. The food is excellent!

If you want to jetski,'ll find it all there.

Shore Bay is where most of the glass bottom boats depart and you'll definitely want to snorkel on the reef. We saw sea turtles, stingray, baby octopus and spectacular corals. I suggest a good under water camera! The Nylon Pool a must! You will not want to leave.

My least favorite place on the island was Scarborough. I encountered no problems....just too many cars, people and traffic. I personally wanted/needed to relax. I have enough of this back at home! I hope that my review has been helpful...take good care and remember when you arrive in TnT...time has a different meaning. Slow and DO NOT forget to dance at least every night under the Cribbean moonlight. Feel the gentle breeze as it glides acrossed your sun kissed face!!

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