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75 apartments and cabanas, overlooking Store Bay (listing)
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Bridgette Mohammed

Guest Report

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I've stayed at this hotel a few times on my trips to Trinidad and although I think the service is terrible, I also think it has the best ocean position on the Caribbean sea. The grounds are lovely and well maintained, but the table tennis looked sad and tired. One can have a lovely stroll to Store Bay and sit and enjoy a rum and coke at the bar looking out to the beautiful sea.

On my last visit, the reception girls and staff seemed more friendly and accommodating. This was a welcomed change from before.
The manager/owner,however, is awful. There is overwhelming atmosphere of distrust and indifference. There always seemed to be someone sitting behind a glass pane watching the reception or manager sitting at the bar, though not vaguely interested in his guest.

Its a pity as the well proportioned manager, is so rude at best and treats his guests as if he was doing us a favour. Perhaps he need to revisit the page on providing service, and maybe trusting in the staff may reap rewards. Plus being pleasant to your guests, so they may return.
As a pleasant lady swimming in the sea told me, "this hotel is not a nice place to work" what a shame as it could be so much better.

Last point, why have AC throughout the rooms and louvered windows as well, how unsustainable and costly.

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