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75 apartments and cabanas, overlooking Store Bay (listing)
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Desiree Augustin

Guest Report

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Preferred rating would have been 3.5.
Mine was an overnight stay so as to conduct business the next day.
Room was comfortable, clean and secure. Surroundings were serene and welcoming.
Renovations to restaurant were quite pleasing. Food was delicious and portions were more than satisfactory.
Close proximity to the airport was of great benefit. No need for a taxi, therefore a saving on additional expenses.
Also chose it because of the nearby Store Bay. This was disappointing, however. The shoreline has changed and while I usually prefer active waves to calm water, the irregularity of the sea bed took away from my enjoyment as I had to be more careful not to get out of my depth. Some kind of action needs to be taken to restore the sea bed.
The wooden walkways in the hotel itself could also do with some restoration. Well finished wood is a beautiful sight and would enhance the charm.

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