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75 apartments and cabanas, overlooking Store Bay (listing)
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Safir Mohammed

Guest Report

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Reasons for dissatisfaction:

I rented 2 caBanas (1) building for 4 adults.

1) Bugs, a lot & spiders in Bathroom in one room.

2) Ants crawling alll over one of the beds.
3) Warning to boil water before drinking in room, but microwave did not work.
4) Toilet leaks and made noises all night.
5) Shower did not drain, stagnant water in shower.
6) The bar closed at 11pm without any announcement, all of a sudden there were no bartenders.
7) Water pressure in sink was almost non existent.
8) AT 5;30 am there was this loud music coming from accross the street that woke us all up, this is a resort where people come to rest and relax, not to bea awaken at 5: 30 in the morning.

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