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2 beachside apartments in Castara (listing)
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Hesha & Julian

Guest Report

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Wow... what can we say about SeaScape? Well:

(1) It's gorgeous. It overlooks Little Bay off the Castara Heavenly Bay coast. The view is immaculate - pristine waters, lovely and quiet beach, rugged hills off to the distance. You get to listen to the rolling waves crash onto the beach - you'll forget about the world while you're here.
(2) You can swim / snorkel / dive into the waters in Little Bay. (I got an ear infection at the most unopportune time, so after dallying about in the water for the first 2 days, I was relegated to tanning on the beach and not dipping my head below the surface of the water....does it sound like I'm complaining?!) You can swim with the fishes, we saw Rays swimming right up to the shore (a family of three) on a daily basis, snorkel along the coral to the eastern end of the bay too. A few respected tour operators (such as Island Girl) bring their catamaran out for a visit to Little Bay - you get to stay there.
(3) The people are friendly - Lavorne and Rollings are great. We got chatting about the tropical fruits on Tobago and Lavorne plucked us a few lemons (bursting with flavour!) and brought us some rose-apple which we've never tried before. And there is a great restaurant (Castara Retreats) up the road which makes the world's most delicious Chocolate Mousse (from Tobago's cocoa plantations).

We had a great stay at SeaScape - the apartment was modern, with all of the kitchen utensils and gadgets you have at home, the beds are comfortable, the bathrooms are nicely decorated. Oh, and you'll be speechless when you see the view of the bay from the living room! The next time we are back in Tobago, you bet we are staying here.

Thanks for the lovely opportunity David -- you made it not only feasible for us to stay, but also so welcoming.

Best, Hesha & Julian

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