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2 beachside apartments in Castara (listing)
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Alex Hajek

Guest Report

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Dear all,

I stayed in Tobago for about a week together with my friends on a recent trip during carnival time.

Not only that I want to admit that the island of Tobago is an awesome and safe place with a caribbean spirit and very kind and "easy going" people where you can relax, snorkle, dive, hike and so on.

Whatsmore I can only highly recommend you the Sea Scape estate on heavenly bay, if you ever plan to do a trip to this country aswell.

I just want to say "thank you" to Mr. Rolling and Mrs. Lavorne, the local manager and caretaker as well as to the owner Mr. Bray
for making our wonderful holiday possible - and in that I may speak for our group as a whole!
Sea Scape is a wonderful place for a vacation, thanks!

When we visited the website of sea scape we got a glimpse of what it can look like - but we couldn't imagine that it looks like that also in real! Just situated above the heavenly beach and just a few minutes walk to the castara village center and a waterfall in the rainforest, you can enjoy caribbean life in a nearly lonely bay as someone can wish for - and so we did.
When we entered Sea Scape the first time, we loved it in an instant - it is fully made of wood and furnished in a modern way. The kitchen is well equipped and there are many little gadgets which make your stay easier (mosquito buzzer and net, flashlights, field glasses for bird watching, mixer and so on). Everything was very clean and the climate inside the building was also very comfortable because of the architecture. The balcony and the sight out of the shower window are overwhelming - due to the fact that the estate is buildt at the top of a small hill on the bay, you can overlook the whole beach with palms, the waves and some fisherman's boats - and you can also sit in the sun in the late afternoon, even when all the other apartments on the bay are covered in shadow. people from other apartments on the same bay told us that they envied us for that fact when they looked up on to 'our' house.
I think Sea Scape has the most impressive panoramic view in an apartment Ive ever seen. We nearly sat every day inside the house or on the balcony while we enjoyed the sunset with a sundowner cocktail. The sun sets in straigt line in front of the rooms there. during our stay we could hear the sounds of the sea at any time, which gave an additional feeling of relaxation.
When we had some problems with a misunderstanding concerning our airport transfer by car or with our toilet we got fast and friendly help by Mr. Rolling and Mrs. Lavorne at any time. Usually they came to see us at the sea scape in person just a couple of minutes after we called them for help.

After returning home, I noticed that I accidentialy put a torch/flashlight (which was put into the electrical socket in the main room as a helpful gadget) into my trousers and
carried it all the way back to Austria. This happened when I
welcomed our airport taxi drivers in the earliest morning at
3:30am, to fall not across the stairs outside. I wanted to send it back to them, but the the owner just answered me in a mail: "Don't worry about the flashlight. Please keep it as a reminder of SeaScape. I'm glad it helped you make it safely down to the road so early in the morning. That is why it was there."

To sum up, we were very lucky to have chosen that apartment and it was the definite highlight on our one-month lasting travel through Florida and the caribbean sea. Again, I can only highly recommend you this place for your trip aswell.


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