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2 beachside apartments in Castara (listing)
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Pekka and Hannele

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We spent 6 lovely days in the small village of Castara and in the Sunset apartment. We had high expectations of them both, and yet they were exceeded! It is one thing to view pictures on the Internet, and to actually see, hear and smell the place. Having looked around in Castara, we are convinced that SeaScape has the best location of all the accommodation in the village. Especially in the Low season, as there are not so many visitors, you can enjoy not only of the marvellous view to the sea -we saw one day a double rainbow that ended 100 meters from the apartment! -also the privacy of a very nice small beach. There were only a couple of people on the beach during the time we were there.
The apartment is nice: clean and cosy, has all the basics that one needs (TV is not needed here; there is quite enough to see in the nature)
Two things to be aware of: first, the noice during nights. Although the waves are definately not high at all, they make surprisingly loud noice in the night. Second, the local roosters have no idea of when they should be singing; they start around 1 o'clock in the night, and go on for a couple of hours! So, if you are sensitive to noice, bring ear plugs and you'll be fine.
Second, the heat and ventilation. We experienced that the ceiling fan is necessary (do not select any accommodation with only floor fans, they are of no use), and we were there during the not-so-hot season!
One more thing: moving around the island is not so easy if you do not rent a car. If you do, be prepared for some extra excitement in your life. But after a couple of days, you will get used to it and can enjoy the beautiful roads and the nature around them.
All in all, if you enjoy beautiful nature and watching genuine Caribbean life (with its pro's and con's) and can survive without extensive tourism services, you will surely enjoy Tobago! If not, consider some other destination.
And if you do decide to visit Tobago -which we highly recommend! - the village of Castara and especially SeaScape is THE choice of accommodation.

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