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2 beachside apartments in Castara (listing)
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Evan c

Guest Report

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Had a lovely stay in Wind Song at SeaScape in November 2011... The ocean views are beautiful, as is the beach just below. The amenities from a January 2009 rebuild give it a notch up from most on Tobago, and the open-air style makes you feel close to nature. The owner, Dave, was responsive and easy to transact with via email/web. If you're looking for a place with little to do but relax, you've found a wonderful spot.

Among the highlights...
There's a short (1/2 mile) hike into the rainforest to a waterfall and swimming hole. The trail begins in the southern corner of the the Castara village soccer field.

Cooking up just caught fish from the local fishermen.

Most of all, I enjoyed swaying in the hammock overlooking the ocean...


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