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2 beachside apartments in Castara (listing)
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Anita Rosato

Guest Report

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Our stay in Castara was really wonderful and we had the opportunity to stay in four different places with in Castara. I am loathed to make any criticisms what so ever as the owners were very professional with our booking and Rollin and his wife were kind and helpful on our arrival – dropping off fruit on the evening of our arrival and providing our son with a boogie board to mess around in the sea with.
Generally, however these are comments with my critical eye switched on, as with every thing in this wonderful little village, one has to be prepared and go with the flow in order to fully enjoy the sleepy ways and this we undoubtedly did.

I had very high hopes for Seascape but found it a very slight let down for the following reasons – some of which I think could be easily addressed and would make all the difference:
The approach, from the rear of the building is like a building site – clearly at some point in the future one would assume another apartment will be constructed as the approach is a mess, with the mind that is full of paradise type expectations it is such a shame that the opportunity of a welcoming path beautifully lit with lovely planting (such as with the neighbouring Beach House) was not instead considered with the view the area beneath the apartments cleaned up and/or screened off.
We took the big apartment – unfortunately it had the small veranda only just about squeezes 2 chairs – (the apartment is big enough for 4) we were a little envious of our neighbours who were only two sitting out each evening on their ample veranda below. On the lower level the shutters will open up but still not quite making up for the lack of veranda.
Another slight let down for us was the mosquito nets – we had been spoilt by the four poster type nets where the net doesn’t touch the bed or the body – by far the better of the two types.
Upstairs shower had little power with intermittent flow, whereas downstairs the power of the water was so strong that the water hit the body like needles!
The docking station for the i-pod I fear may have suffered the worst from the salty air – we couldn’t get it to work.

The location is brilliant – easy access for able bodied to the Little bay and Boat house (although even our neighbour with a broken hip slowly made the stairs and the path back!)
In this location the Wednesday night drumming, dinner and limbo at the Boat House is an absolute must, although if like us you are so tired the first week – you wont care – for us all the noises – cockrels, dogs, wild sea, birds, music – these were part of the very magic that contributed to a place we would not hesitate to recommend for those who are inclined to want a rustic tree-house type experience. Castara is not a resort type location but that is what makes it special.

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