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2-bedroom cottage on the Bon Accord development
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Sita Sealy

Guest Report

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It was our first stay at the facility. My husband and I wanted to try somewhere new and found the info on Bananaquit on the Internet. We checked in and left because of our level of dissatisfaction.
What I Did Not Like:
1.The place was generally dumpy
2.There was no record of our reservation
3.The room had a stuffy, slightly offensive scent
4.There was a big hullabaloo about not checking in before the check in time
What I Liked:
The owner allowed us to check in early
Suggestions for Improvement:
1.Reservation records are very important and there is no room for error here.
2.Tidy up the general environment e.g. the garbage under the staircase.
3.A room with a clean, fresh scent gives the visitor the initial comfort that the place is clean.
4.If space is available, as far as possible, try to accommodate visitors. If you cannot facilitate an early check in, then say so with class – a lot of time it is not what is said but how it is said that matters.
5.Window dressing that matches the room décor will lift the ambiance of the room

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