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108 room 3*+ All-Inclusive resort at Stone Haven Bay (listing)
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Guest Report

Post by Randolph » Tue Dec 01, 2015 7:24 pm

We, my wife and I have been staying at the Grafton since 2004. That year was my first year back home for 39 years. From then on we have been returning to GBR (Grafton Beach Resort). It is now like a second home to us. Despite being an All Inclusive resort, it has a warm and friendly atmosphere. The staff are now like family and always have a very approachable.
Comparing our visits over the many years, I would implore the GBR management to return to Local evening entertainment. In the early years the place was rocking.
It would be nice to have a choice of local newspapers to read after breakfast.
I would also like to see a return to the hotel having an events manager. They used to but since 2008 recession a lot of amenities have been cut back. Local tour operators’ leaflets are fine but it’s always nice to speak to people who can make recommendations. It is not necessary for us but for those visiting for the first time it would be priceless.
There was free Wi Fi available, but this was limited to the lobby area.
As far as meals are concerned, more local dishes would be a nice touch but I fully understand why it is not always available as there are a wide variety of visitors from around the world to cater for.
Nevertheless we will always return to the Grafton. A great place to relax after Carnival.

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