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3-bedroom villa on Bacolet Point (listing)
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Anna Wolf

Guest Report

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Having decided on Villa Good Hope as our vacation home with the help of the reviews here and their own very informative website, we arrived in Tobago anticipating the best. What we experienced was an exquisite holiday home enclosed by a landscaped garden, towering tropical trees and a pleasantly secluded rocky cove. The bedrooms were all efficiently cooled by quiet a/c units and were blessed with garden or beach views. The beds were all well-made up and the mattresses, pillows and bed linen all in good order. A single folding bed was ready and made-up for our 4 year-old in the master bedroom without us feeling cramped for space. Ceiling fans in the dining and living rooms and kitchen were essential for dissipating the still heat that unfortunately accompanies this villa's interior. The dining room is adorned by beautiful wooden benches, chairs and table but the pool was the crowning glory and suited us all, young, old, swimmers, non-swimmers. Neighbours were rarely seen or heard as were cars, planes,strangers or tourists. A haven.

We rented a car which was comfortable for our group of 4 adults and 3 kids to get out and explore picturesque Tobago. The public transport buses are available on the Bacolet Main Road too, and they go into Scarborough at regular intervals.

Less ecstatic were we with the following. On arrival at the Crown Point Airport from Germany we were not met by pre-arranged transport to the villa as confirmed per e-mail one week earlier with the Property Manager. Instead we stood around waiting for the Assistant Manager to send over 2 mini-van operators with whom we finally agreed on a cost of TT$120 per van to take us to Bacolet.

Once inside the villa it became clear that housekeeping must be a challenge. Dust and scraps of paper lay in the corridor and under the bedside table in one of the bedrooms. The heavy wooden sliding doors in the bedrooms could barely open to go onto the balconies. We encountered dead insects and dust in cupboards, two frying pans full with used oil in the oven, rusty cooking pots, two working stove burners out of four and a treacherously wobbling kitchen tap. And forget the pool table, it lay on its side against the living room wall with a broken leg for all to see..

Outside the hammock looked worn-out and in places torn. The convenience of the outside shower when coming back from a dip in the sea proved to be non-existent as it stood crammed with building and other debris. The approximity of the beach was marred only by the unkempt track leading from the garden gate down to the beach. For the eldest in our group (77 years old) it was a slow, trying descent, achieved only with support.

Lastly, because of a mal-functioning sensor, the heavy iron automatic gate securing the entrance to the villa closed onto our rental car as we reversed it into the yard. This incident fortunately did not involve a small child, only a rental car. It turned out that the assisstent manager knew about the sensor but, well,it remained unattended to. The repair costs were rightly taken over by the villa's management.

The decision to stay at Villa Good Hope was not regretted, just the property management issues are regrettable. We sincerely hope that the latter is being addressed.

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