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5-room Hostel in Buccoo (listing)
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Tracey m

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This is what I posted on Tripadvisor. Horrible place and even worse owner!

I booked at Fish Tobago for a 6 night stay with another girlfriend for a vacation for the first week of February for a relaxing week in what looked to be a good value spot and not the usual places. However, my time at Fish left me quite appalled at the house and the owner.

While my friend and I arrived earlier than planned, Brandon did allow us to check in as the beds were free. And he did take us to the larger grocery store & ATM, as well as the purchase of a 'double' from a roadside stand, those were the only real positive points I could say.

The room's floor was covered in sand, and the girl that was in the room stated it had not been cleaned in a week. We ended up asking for the floors to be cleaned. There was no place to store your things, and even the clothesline only had 1 working pin.

The kitchen was beyond filthy, and I found a 2 inch cockroach on my bananas, as well as dead ones on some dishes. The light bulb in the kitchen was burnt out, we pointed this out, and nothing done. The sponges to clean your dishes smelled beyond gross, same for the tea towel for drying. We used our hands to wash dishes, and let them air dry. Brandon was at the house enough to see and smell the conditions. We even gave him the tea towel, and he threw it out. No replacement given.

We tried to book a tour with him for the Monday morning, and when we finally got to the dock, all he said was that the boat wasn't back. We'd have to go either in the afternoon or next day. The impression that my friend and I picked up was that he didn't want to take us at all. We asked about next day, and he said sure... but after talking, we decided not to go at all since we got such a bad energy from him in the morning. After that, Brandon was quite brusque with us, and my friend and I resolved to try to stay away.

On the Wednesday, we were told a pipe burst in the bathroom, and we had to leave. I didn't see evidence of this, no hole in the wall to confirm the pipe break, nor was a plumber on site. This was late afternoon - and Brandon gave me the envelope with money for my un-used nights for me and my friend. NO OFFER TO FIND ME NEW ACCOMODATION!!! Luckily, our taxi driver found my friend and I a place to stay, and another local gave me the number for another place. This was seriously concerning as it was late day, and the feeling was to get my stuff and get out.

Between the dirty conditions, the bad vibes we received, and being put out without another spot to go to, all I can say is stay away from this place. I felt my safety was at risk without any concern on his part. There are better spots in Tobago with incredible people that will help a person in need.

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