Glass Bottom Boat trips from Store Bay.

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Liz & Rod

Glass Bottom Boat trips from Store Bay.

Post by Liz & Rod »

We returned last week from Tobago, had a wonderful holiday, and travelled about quite a bit.
We did the tourist glass bottom boat trip on a vessel named YORKE its painted red black and white.
We were horified when one on the crew dived into the water and returned on board with a live Turtle, this he handed round first our boat and then passed it to another boat. A little while later he dived in this time returning with a live Conch again this was passed round the boat.
Surely we go on these trips to observe wildlife not make a sideshow out of them. :(

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Steve Wooler
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Post by Steve Wooler »

Hi Liz & Rod

Thanks for that report. You are absolutely right of course.

I'm not familiar with this boat. How/where did you book a trip on it?
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Post by Ronald »

Yorke is one of the glassbottom boats leaving from Store Bay, some buy the ticket on the beach some seems to buy them via an agent and/or hotel as a group.

As far I know, they aren´t allowed to pick live animals and/or corals so this should been reported to the Reef Patrol.

One way to go is also to make a report to the life guard´s at Store Bay and via them reach the Reef Patrol.
Mostly life guards do care much more for the reef than the owners of the glaasbottom boats. Some of these guys on the boats feel "it´s our business, our right"

Paul Makin
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Oh, so Sad!
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Post by Paul Makin »

think the GBB refered to is "yorkes pride"? is it a mid sized vessel painted red white and black?


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