Open water ceritificate??

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J Loow

Open water ceritificate??

Post by J Loow »

We're leaving for Tobago in less then a week and I was wondering if anyone can tell me how much a open water cerificate costs on Tobago. Everyone els has one (we're 10 adults and 2 children) and I been wanting to get one for ages so I thing now is the time. Please can anyone help me?
I would appreciate if you could tell me in TTD since we're going to use that and not USD or pound.

And while I'm writing do you recomend anyting that we can't miss while we're in tobago? And we're staying at Coco reef resort.

I hope anyone has an answer for me.

Thank you - Johanna


Re: Open water ceritificate??

Post by Gary »

Take a look at : And if your after exchange rates try : ... ir&siteid=

Enjoy your stay :D

Paul Makin
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Oh, so Sad!
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Re: Open water ceritificate??

Post by Paul Makin »

certainly can - expect to pay around 400 us, in english money about 200 if you pay by card and get the business rate or 2300+/- tt$. that should include ALL tuition, all course materials, transport, equipment hire, padi registration etc etc. most shops operate discount scales and as youre a large group there will be some scope for negotiation if you all dive together.

there are a number of operators close to you who i am sure can accomodate both you and your party. it WILL be possible for you to dive with the rest of your group following your initial confined water training but a degree of organisation will be necessary in that their planned dive sites will need to be compatible with your level of comfort in the water. as with most things though, not necessarily a problem. im 100% confident that theyll like the easy sites just as much as theyll appreciate the more challenging trips

i wont give out any specific plugs etc as i do have an interest in a dive centre close to you but i can say that i would recommend any of the major operators (major being relative on tobago) in the area. of course, you do have the benefit of undersea tobago operating out of the hotel, but within striking distance of you, and springing immediately to mind are, Frontier Divers (located at Sandy Point beach Club), Extra Divers (a 3 minute walk from you, on pigeon point road), R&Sea (at toucan inn/bonkers on store bay local road)

give me a shout if you need further info about what the course entails, what conditions you might encounter, what to expect, how to dive with the rest of your party whilst training, dive prices on the island, etc

enjoy the water

paul ( v jealous as currently stuck in the uk and getting "homesick")

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