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Dar S

Diving With CaribStu

Post by Dar S »

My husband, Aaron & I used CaribStu dive services in January of 2009. We were able to dive with Stuart our 1st week in Tobago and on our second week, we dived with Tobago Dive Experience in Speyside. We would have dived with Stuart the 2nd week if we could have, but he unfortunately was booked.

There was nothing wrong with our 2nd week of diving, but you just can't beat the personalized service that Stuart provides. He emphasizes safety, provides thorough pre-dive briefings, determines the best dive sites based on your capabilities, weather conditions, currents, etc. to maximize the experience. We had a great time with Stuart (he has a pretty good sense of humor too) and you have the luxury of diving with just yourelves and him.

We loved Tobago and really enjoyed our diving experience there. Originating from Canada, we cherish our winter escapes and if we returned to Tobago, we would dive with Stuart (without question). Next time, I would make sure we could dive with him the full time we were there. Staurt is more expensive than diving with one of the other dive operations on the island, but the money is well spent. Spend the money on diving (if that is your priority) and save $'s by staying at a comfortable guesthouse instead of one of the more expensive hotels on the island. :D

Tony Tarleton

Re: Diving With CaribStu

Post by Tony Tarleton »

I've just got back from diving with Caribstu, completing an open water referral course. I had completed all confined water aspects in the UK but Stuart stuck me back in the pool regardless, for another session, to satisfy himself that I had learnt what had been signed off. He was thorough, utterly professional and has a great (typically english....) sense of humour. When it was time to dive he made the aims very clear, and looked after us (my other half already qualified) every step of the way. We did 2 dives down at Store bay, gentle, easy and a great starting point and the second two off Speyside. To make the point he pitched it so well for level of experience & beginners nerves that I am well & truly hooked! Paying the extra to have a private service was well worth the money, & I have no hesitation recommending him. I for one will use him again next year.
I hope this is of some help to those seeking info.

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