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Peter Williams - A tour guide to avoid!

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:52 am
by HelenaVM
We have just returned from our 7th visit to Tobago and came across a very rude bloke who appears to be an accredited tour guide. His name is Peter Williams and I note that he has a caution next to his name already on this site.

We came across him (having never met him before) on the Pigeon Point road on our way to Bago's Bar. He stands on the pavement with binoculars, looking intently into the trees and bushes on the other side of the road. I am convinced that this is a gimmick, designed to get visitors like us to stop and ask what he is looking at. This is usually followed by 'Have you been to the rainforest!' rather than an answer to the question. I happened to try and respond by saying as it was our 7th visit to the Island, we had been a few times etc etc... but I was cut off in mid sentence by this rude guy stating 'I didn't ask you how many times you'd been here, have you been to the Rainforest?'

I described this guy to Rueben Clement, who we spent a lot of time with and he knew immediately who I meant. He also told me that he has had a few warnings from the THA/Tourism Dept and I have since discovered that he allegedly assaulted a tourist recently when he was seen to kick a stray dog and was then approached by a lady who was concerned for the dog's welfare. He grabbed her and twisted her hand, hurting her and further damaging his flagging reputation.

I hope that by warning others, he will slowly put himself out of business or change his ways!


Re: A tour guide to avoid!

Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 3:54 pm
by Sue Noble
We returned from Tobago earlier today. We saw this 'guide' 3 times during our week stay, once in the same spot that Helen described, once outsiide the Coco Reef Hotel and also actually on the Store Bay Beach Facility.

The only time he spoke to use was outside the Coco Reef where he was as Helen said looking into the trees with binoculars making 'bird-call' type noises. He also asked us the same question about going to the rainforest. However, after a bit of banter, we certainly didn't have trouble getting away from him or was he rude or abusive. One trick he does use is if you say 'No' he offers to give you a flyer, as he opens his car door he remembers that he has run out of flyers and shows you photographs of people suposidly enjoyinng themselves on a trip to the rainforest. However, I'm not sure whether this was one of his trips as the few photos that we bothered to look at, he wasn't in the picture of any of them!!!

This must be the same person, this man was no more than 5' 8" ( approx 170 cm) short beard, dressed in green polo shirt with some kind of emblem and drove a small jeep type 4x4.

Re: A tour guide to avoid!

Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:22 pm
by Paul Tallet
It's simple...

NEVER agree to anything with anyone that approaches you on the street ... there are plenty of pretenders to the authentic businesses that carry out tours and who advertise their services on the Internet and have known addresses from where they conduct their business.

It is important to plan your holiday or to know who you can approach and not wait for 'some guy' to talk you into a trip of any sorts.

When I say 'No' and I am challenged about it I simply tell them that I have my own tour guide and I tell them exactly who it is ... that normally shuts them up.

It's the same everywhere in the world ... there are plenty of these spoilsports about.


Re: A tour guide to avoid!

Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 11:55 pm
by HelenaVM
Hi Paul

That is the thing - I would usually agree with you, but this bloke is not a pretender or trying to con people. He is an accredited tour guide - supposedly approved by the Tourism Board. Fore-warned is fore-armed, so people now know that this guy is one to avoid!


Re: A tour guide to avoid!

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2009 12:17 am
by Paul Tallet
Hi Helena

Fair point ... he may not be a pretender because he is listed on the official list.

But he is, allegedly, a con and he conducts his business by approaching people in public places.

With the blessing of the THA I would have thought he would have no trouble in setting up a website and be able promote his business very successfully through the appropriate channels.

The point of my response was to say that we, as visitors, should not accept random invitations from people that approach us in the street or on the beach ... there are alot of pretenders there.

As visitors, if we want a trip we ask or find out for ourselves ... whether this gentleman that we speak of is reputable or not is irrelevant ... it is his method of conducting business that raises a question.

Perhaps someone could come forward and provide a review of the services they have had from this gentleman and then we have something to go on.