Tobago's fountain of youth FOUND

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Oh, so Sad!
Oh, so Sad!
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Tobago's fountain of youth FOUND

Post by Richardus »

Here is a little clip for your amusement for any that would like to see more of the
rainforest tours. We put this together from some of our shorter clips and added some
photos. Enjoy and stay tuned for more videos of other fun things to explore in Tobago!

My apologies to Steve and Jill Wooler, I got the website address wrong in the credits.
It should read "" NOT "" which is a fine site too, but just
not belonging to Steve and Jill :)

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Re: Tobago's fountain of youth FOUND

Post by Ronald »

Nice clips, very nice!
When walking around one see A LOT, but the camera can only take a little, little bit of it!
This is vey nice to see, maybe the first time om myTobago?
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