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Guest Report

Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:02 am
by Donna Bhola
My group booked Dolphin Villa in April 2014 for a six night stay in August 2014. When we first arrived the place was disappointing. There was no sea view as advertised. There was no flat screen T.V. as advertised. There were dead flies on the dining table and bedrooms. Kelvin the owner/house manager was at pains to show us the bedrooms and kitchen but told us nothing about the water tanks. Four hours after our arrival there was no water. We tried several times overnight and by the following morning to contact Kelvin concerning the lack of water without any success. After so many hours without water and being unable to reach anyone to assist us, we vacated the villa. We had to find alternative accommodation and requested a refund because we were not provided with a basic requirement that any guest would expect even though we did try contacting the owners to remedy the situation. When we were able to contact one of the owners the hospitality expected in this situation was not extended. We were promised a refund of five nights stay plus our damage deposit however that figure was drastically reduced to less than half the amount promised. We were also not aware that Kelvin actually stayed on the same compound although he was not present on the night we stayed. The children suffered as well because at 10 a.m. they had not had breakfast or showered as yet. No one had showered since the day before and yet those people seemed to think nothing of all of that. As a matter of fact they tried to blame us for the whole catastrophe. All in all it was the worst vacation and treatment ever meted out to us ever. I would not recommend anyone stay in that place.