Our review of LGC: 27.12.05 - 02.01.06

70 room 4* All-Inclusive resort at Stonehaven Bay (listing)
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Sarah O

Our review of LGC: 27.12.05 - 02.01.06

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Hi all.

Like many people we set off to LGC with a bit of trepidation, as we had read such scathing and often disappointed reviews on a few websites.

We paid a lot to stay for just 1 week over New Year as it was peak season so we were worried we would be disappointed with our choice. The tour op had described as 'a beautiful first class resort to relax and unwind'.

On balance, we were pleasantly surprised although our expectations were lower given the 'bad publicity'.

Overall review - enjoyable holiday hotel and good location but have to say not worth what we paid - as not the first class 4* resort promoted.


More detailed review for those in 2 minds / thinking about booking ....

We have travelled widely for business and leisure and have stayed in many varied types of accommodation from - hostels whilst backpacking - to 5* hotels. We have also stayed in the Caribbean before so appreciated the standards are not 'Far East' luxury or Dubai type marble and flash! We tend to like the more rustic locations we have experienced so were open minded.

Good location and great views. Public beach a bit disappointing - bit messy with broken / limited number of sun shades, which given my very fair skin and the fantastic 30 degree sunshine, meant we couldn't use the beach at all during the week.

The hotel staff we found to be friendly, if you made the effort 1st to get the ball rolling and if you were polite when they served you - as should be expected. Good manners are after all free even if you are a paying guest! In particular, Dion in the Breezes bar and Valerie in the restaurant were warm, friendly and absolutely fantastic.

Dinner was a la carte every night except New Year's Day - when all 3 meals were buffet style. Can understand as people were coming and going at different times, as and when they surfaced after the previous nights celebrations! Breakfast and lunch were buffet style every day. Did not find the food to be bad quality or cold as some reviews suggested.

Special notes on the Caribbean Bistro:
Please to say there was no hint of cat pee at the bistro although offending cats did hang around encouraged by the guests who kept feeding them!Despite the numerous notices from the hotel stating not to feed them!!! We like many guests found the cats very cute - who wouldn't - but we don't do fellow guests or the hotel any favours by encouraging them to hang around the food and pool areas. They don't miss a trick in trying to 'butter you up' to feed them scraps - no wonder they looked so well :roll:

The Caribbean Bistro was not open at all for dinner which was bizarre as they kept showing a menu but then it only opended for lunch. Hotel was not overly busy so perhaps this was why.

The hotel made a real effort for New Year's Eve with lots of extras although they did sneak an extra 'Gala Dinner' charge in without telling you in advance! Only about £15 for 2 people but given the meal was same as usual nightly a la carte fare and they didn't include any extra drinks like champagne for free - just seemed a bit cheeky!

Entertainment was typical resort standard and all inclusive seemed good value given all the meals included - breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, canapes and 3 course dinner, PLUS cocktails and unlimited premium spirits and wine by the glass. And of course the fantastic spa treatments. Worth it and a highlight of my day each day!

Some other guests voiced to us their disappointment with lack of activities taking place due to staff shortages. Only pool volleyball (daily), yoga/mediatation (seemed to be alternate days), beach football (some days) and power walk (some days). We didn't mind as we wanted to chill with a good book but for the more sporty this seemed to be very disappointing.

The decor/public areas including the pool and bedrooms are showing their age and looked a bit tatty and in need of a good refurb.

So our overall feeling about this hotel was it had 4* facilities with the pool, 3 bars, restaurants and spa, etc, but was really only a 3* standard.

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