Le Grand Courlan recent reviews and photos needed

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Le Grand Courlan recent reviews and photos needed

Post by Syndy »

I enjoyed the my tobago review of Grnd Courlan, but that was since 2004. I have read some very scary reviews on tripadvisor that have described the hotel as run down with the stench of cat urine.I would be very pleased if anyone has photos to share or objective reviews.

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Steve Wooler
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Post by Steve Wooler »

Hi Syndy

Don't worry too much about our review being two years old - we would have withdrawn or re-written it if we felt that the situation has changed significantly.

What is the truth? I've long given up trying to analyse it. The truth is that there is no such thing as a perfect hotel or one that is right for everyone. We had a truly magically stay at Le Grand Courlan. In fact, as we say in the report, if repeated it could easily become our favourite large hotel on the island. Note the wording "if repeated". The bottom line is that we could have gone 7 days later and had a totally different experience. I have no reason to believe that we WOULD have had a totally different experience, but its always a possibility (at ANY hotel).

My biggest concern with Le Grand Courlan is the erratic nature of the reports - which seem to reflect similar characteristics in the management of the hotel. At their best, they can clearly rival any hotel on the island - as we established. However, you then suddenly find a spate of negative reports.

So, the truth is that there is no simple answer to your question. Study the reports on our site. With respect, forget Trip Advisor. It is the prime refuge of the vindicative and the malicious, not to mention all the compensation-seekers, who use the site because they havn't the guts to put their name to what they are saying and because TripAdvisor do not monitor or validate anything that is said. Read the TripAdvisor reports for ANY hotel and you'll get scared by some of the posts. Its all too easy to manipulate TravelAdvisor as well - there's more than a few reports from owners promoting their own properties. The only other site that I consider worth reading for good reliable information and opinion is http://www.WhereToStay.com

My best advice when studying reader reviews of ANY hotel would be to largely ignore all the reports offering the very highest praise, or worst criticism, except where those reports seem to be the 'norm'. Concentrate on all the middle-of-the-road reports because that is where the truth probably lies. Go to the hotel basing your expectations on those reports and then you are almost certain to be pleasantly surprised and find that the reality exceeds expectation.
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Recent revsit

Post by Frauke »

I've just returned from a 2 week stay at Le Grand Courlan. (15-29 June) - landing back in the UK earlier today!

I will post my thoughts and a few pictures over the next few days when I have time!

I will say, my "partner" and I thought the first week amazing, but felt a few silly things made us notice the "cracks" during the second week. However despite this we both agreed that we'd like to go again. (Perhaps even several times) - however we both put an enormous amount of weight on because of the excellent food and cocktails, dispite spending some time in the gym, going on long walks on the beach etc etc......

The free treatments made the holiday extremely relaxing and added to the value.

My biggest worry after booking was the weather. The forecast was for scattered thunderstorms and/or cloudy - we needed have worried! Yes it did rain, usually very heavy and hard, but usually for no more than 10 min, and the skies cleared so fast that everything dried out very quickly. Like many, we found the trick was to get into the pool - it was the best way to enjoy the downpour.

Also although there were plenty of sunloungers, there weren't many "Sunshades". It was extremely annoying to come out at breakfast to find most or all, reserved all day by towels (German visitors first, and other followed to try and ensure they got one too), but hardly used by the people who reserved them!

There were some problems which effected some rooms, but were not in others. I decided Tobago was a "tropical island" so I should expect some difficulties, but as the people seem to generally try to help, there would be many occassions when it would not be possible and complaining and winging would only ruin it for me not them.

The other big surprise was the fruit juice. I did think they'd added "corn syrup" to sweet the fruit juices as they were all very sweet. But I managed to eat an orange which I picked myself (It was greeny/yellow rather than orange) and it tasted as if it had "corn syrup" added, and of course it didn't!

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