Going to Le Grand Corlan on 20th March.

70 room 4* All-Inclusive resort at Stonehaven Bay (listing)
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David Sanderson

Going to Le Grand Corlan on 20th March.

Post by David Sanderson » Fri Feb 29, 2008 2:15 pm

Hello everyone.
Just wanted to congratulate everyone on this site, it's a treasure trove of top information, thanks.

No matter what some people have written on tripadvisor (although the last couple of posts have been quite positive) My wife and I are off on our honeymoon in a couple of weeks.

I've been before (I spent a week at Sandy point Village diving with World of Watersports based at the Hilton in 2005) and fell in love with the Island, so there was only one choice for our honeymoon!!!!

One of things people don't realise, which I figured out on my previous trip is that you MUST treat the locals with respect and courtesy and not like they are someone who must bend over backwards to service you slightest little whim. (I've seen people be quite rude to some of the locals, could never work out why?) Also a 4* hotel in Tobago will not equate to a 4* in the UK, I think travel companies and travel agents must take some responsibility for this.

Has anyone stayed at LGC recently and what were your thoughts? I'm keen to know what to expect.

I can't wait and promise to post a full review on here when I return.

Also, we are all inclusive but don't wish to be tied to the hotel, so can anyone recommend any good restaurants within walking distance?

Many thanks in advance, have fun,

Dave Sanderson.

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Steve Wooler
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Re: Going to Le Grand Corlan on 20th March.

Post by Steve Wooler » Fri Feb 29, 2008 8:43 pm

Hello David

I am writing this from my room at Le Grand Courlan Resort & Spa, looking out over a sun-bathed and very beautiful Stonehaven Bay.

We are currently undertaking updates of our 2004 reviews of the Grafton and Le Grand and leave here tomorrow, having spent 6 days in each. I don't normally make comment before publication of our reviews, but as that will not be until around later April, it will be of little use to you.

The hotels are looking a little tired since our last visit. However, they are currently going through a refurbishment program, but it is all happening very slowly (it is Tobago after all) and at a very low-key level so as to minimise disruption to guests.

We cannot fault our room at the hotel - apart from being the largest standard rooms of any hotel on Tobago, they are clean, comfortable and very, very comfortable. I should know, I have to spend quite a few hours every day in the room writing the review.

Our original review posted on this site is somewhat out of date. Sadly, the hotel has failed to impress in the way it did four years ago. In truth, the only dissapointment has been the catering, which might best be described as "average". Jill and I have a major problem with lukewarm food and the hotel seems incapable of producing anything resembling 'hot'. Other than that, the food is varied, well cooked, presented beautifully and the service is great - thanks to a large element of Philipino labour.

The tennis courts have deteriorated badly. One is out of use and the other suitable for nothing but a knock-about. The spa is excellent and the gym great if you are into masochism.

There is a huge disparity in the reaction of the guests we have spoken to here over the past five days. I would say that 80% have expressed overall satisifaction. One man hates the island, the hotel and everyone on it; his wife seems too afraid to express her own feelings. Maybe 20-30% of those we have spoken to would return without hesitation. A slightly lower percentage are first-timers and say they would probably not return as they would prefer to try other islands.

So, it is a very mixed bag. However, to summarise, if you accept that the evening meals are not going to be cordon bleu, you will probably really enjoy your stay.

You are 100% accurate in your comments about how to treat the locals (see our article in menu Tobago/Tobagonians - particularly part 2 of the articles). In view of what you have said, I would go so far as to say that unless you are a gourmet, I would put quite a large stake on the fact that you are exactly the right sort of person who will return having had a wonderful holiday.

Have a great trip.
Steve Wooler
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David Sanderson

Re: Going to Le Grand Corlan on 20th March.

Post by David Sanderson » Sun Mar 02, 2008 6:19 pm

Thanks very much for that Steve.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. We can't wait to come out there later on this month.

Have fun,
Dave Sanderson.

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