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70 room 4* All-Inclusive resort at Stonehaven Bay (listing)
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Guest Report

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I spent one night at Le Grand, and I am glad it was just one night cause I could not have handled more than that. I must commend and criticise in these areas

1) My party arrived early and was allowed to check in before our stipulated check in time. However, we were left to search the entire compound for our rooms in the rain since it seems they only had one staff member designated to direct us to the rooms and they were at another part of the hotel and didn't want to come through the rain. (seems umbrellas don't exist at Le Grand Courland).

2) After about a half hour search of climbing stairs, walking through the rain, making circles, asking housekeepers for direction while carrying our luggage. We found our rooms. The room was inviting. AC worked fine, a nicely made bed and a lovely sea view. However, out of the 12 channels on the television all was distorted and unable to look at. Also, when I tried closing back the sliding glass at night, it was stuck.

3) At 3pm we went down for afternoon tea. The bartender seemed she wasn't interested in serving us. At one point there was no one at the bar to serve us. After we placed the request for tea which was on our All Inclusive package. To my disappointment, an unappealing tea plate of a tiny little piece of sandwich and thin slice of sweat bread was given to us.

4) After we went to relax by the pool area. The lounge chairs were wet so we looked for someone to wipe them for us. They gave us a wet piece of cloth to do it ourselves. We didn't have any problem doing it ourselves at least they could have given us a dry piece of cloth.

5) Dinner was great, food was exceptional. However we never had breakfast cause it arrived late and we had to leave to attend to other engagements. This was poor since the hotel had alot of business guests and most had to leave to by 8am to attend to business.

I went on a business trip this visit, I usually go Tobago on vacation and I know Le Grand would not be my choice.

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