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2-bedroom cottage in Castara (listing)
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Matthew Harrup

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This is a brand new cottage, renovated late 2011 after being the old family home. So it's all new inside. It's a 5 min walk to the beach up a fairly steep hill and then 20 steps up the driveway to the front door.

One thing that's not quite clear from the pictures is that the gazebo is on the front porch and you can just about see the sea, and the "captain's" loft is really a bench 10m up the hill in the garden, where you really have a good view of the entire bay.

The rooms are middle sized, it's a decent queensize double, the air con is in the bedrooms and the lounge has a ceiling fan. You are practically in the rainforest (Castara is built on a hill into the rainforest) so it is humid with insects (they have bug spray and zappers). The internet connection is surprisingly fast for 3g, it's wireless b/g afaics.
The only downside we found were the 2 next door neighbours who played loud calypso music most of the daytime.

The hosts are exceptionally hospitable and very helpful. Castara really is as nice as everyone says, although I'd recommend hiring a car (not from Whatty - you'll get a piece of junk) as taxis were hard to arrange (the bus is every "3" hours but it doesn't say which 3 hours they are)

Overall this is really good, it can easily host a family of 2 adults and 1-2 kids
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