Dress code at the Rex Turtle Beach Resort

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Dress code at the Rex Turtle Beach Resort

Post by Tamasine »

This is our (boyfriend Steve and myself) first trip to the Caribbean and we're very excited - we're travelling in less than 2 weeks but we need to know some of the essentials!

I've had a good look at the reviews posted and there are a few comments on the dress code required for dinner at the Turtle Beach. Can someone please advise if it is strictly no jeans or t-shirts? We're not scruffy but prefer to dress more casually when on our hols......

We've seen several recommendations of particular room locations - can anyone give us the definitive guide as to which room we should be aiming for if we want the best view?

Sunday School - what time should we aim to get there? What's the best time to get picked up by taxi to go back to the resort?

PS - thanks for all the info already provided by the site. We can't wait to go!

:?: :?:

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Post by Jill M »

We stayed at the Rex Turtle Beach in April this year, The evening dress code is long trousers for men and is smart casual. Although there were a few people there with 3/4 trousers and T-shirts and I'm sure nothing was said as they wore the same another night. Mostly the men wore long trousers and shirts or polo shirts. Women just covered up a bit - obviously no bikinis in the restaurant in the evening, but anything goes - just don't bother taking the Ball Gown - you won't need it.

The rooms with the best view are on the 2nd Floor at the far end away from the reception. We had a first floor room and that was good, but the 2nd floor was better (our friends were on the 2nd floor). The only problem is - it is a long trek to go for dinner or breakfast in the morning. It's ok at first as you feel quite secluded, but by the end of the week it really was becoming a trek. If you have forgotten something from the reception and you have just got into your room, being tired out from doing nothing all day, then it becomes a bit of a pain. But in saying that, I would book the far end rooms next time. If you want to be able to walk straight out onto the beach - the ground floor rooms are OK, but you do not see the waves hitting the beach as the beach has a steep slope to it just before the water's edge. The rooms by the pool are mainly taken by people with young children.

Sunday School - we got there about 10pm and it was just getting started, we arranged to be picked up at 12:30am, but I understand it goes on until the wee hours. The only Sunday that we were there was our first full day there and our body clocks hadn't altered - so we were shattered but I didn't want to miss it. (We were only there for a week).

We hired a jeep for 3 days and it was great to get out and about on our own steam. But two 'tours' that we went on were totally un-missable - Frankies Rum Punch Beach Party (definately the highlight of our holiday) and CocoMotion - a speed boat ride with stops at different bays to snorkle and swim, or just see the island from a different angle.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did - We will be back !! :D



Post by Richard »

Dress as mentioned already in the evenings is long trousers and a smarter shirt for men, women just use a longer dress/skirt and smarter top. Nothing is too rigourous. I still wore sandals in the evening, just used leather, smarter ones than I used for the beach. If the moons up then a nice wander back along the beach tops the evening. Roll up trousers and paddle. Take care of mooring rope on one boat that may be there but lighting is enough to see it.

We stayed in the "new" block which is away from reception. It is a goodly walk but it is quieter. First 2 trips on the first floor. Good view and sheltered from the sun. I believe the top floor rooms can get very hot. As I have mentioned before the balconies and NOT child proof with large gaps. Mention children when booking to get a ground floor room.

The far end, ground floor rooms are the closest to the beach. Just walk out of patio door, cross patio, small area of grass and you are on the beach. There is a security station very close and we just left the door open when we went swimming. The upper rooms we left it open nearly all the time, who needs A/C. Another advantage to the ground floor rooms is you can drag sun loungers near or even on to the patio and use them as towel driers (remember no balcony). Really you shouldn't do this but there are loads of loungers, it's shade on the beach that is in short supply. Some folk 'reserve' theirs the night before. So being able to sit/lie just outside your room in shade is really nice.


Post by Joanne »

Hi Tamasine

When we stayed at RTB in May this year, we had gone prepared to fit in with a reasonably strict dress code - this was definitely not necessary.

We found that people came to lunch and dinner in whatever they felt like wearing - some ladies chose to wear very little indeed; Many people did not even wear shoes! Some men wore shorts at dinner.

I wouldn't worry about the dress code - nobody else did when we stayed there - I must admit, I was quite disappointed though, as I had put a lot of thought and effort into my packing!

Have a wonderful holiday.


Thanks for the info

Post by Tamasine »

Thank you Jill, Richard and Joanne for your replies - you've put my mind at rest. The 'other half' will be pleased too as I'll only need to take 1 suitcase now instead of my entire wardrobe!!! :wink:

Only a week to go now before we travel and I can't wait, especially after reading the wealth of info this site has given us about the resort and Tobago - what a great find!

The only trouble is, our tickets haven't arrived yet so fingers crossed!!!! :roll:

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